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Ron Bunyan.jpg

Ron was a member of the 1955 grand final side, which lost to Holbrook & was runner-up in the Baz Medal. Ron was also in the 1956-1957 premier sides under coach Bill Byrne. He won the Club's Best & Fairest in 1958. He was an outstanding on-baller & the stab-kick was one of his skills. "My footy days go down as one of the greatest times of my life. The comradeship of all the players & club members was one of the greatest highlights. One of my hardest decisions in life was to retire, but all those wonderful times spent together will give me a lifetime of memories." Ron said.


Horace Clark

One of the Club's greatest centre-half forwards & and an outstanding mark, Mangoplah's Horace "Horrie" Clark had the grace and timing which sets asides that special breed of footballer. Under the new coach Bull Byrne, MCU swept to successive flags (1956-1957) with Horace Clark un the vanguard. "Horrie" had a football brain, & the ability to match.

- (The Daily Advertiser)


Arthur Cole

Well-known Tasmanian State Footballer recruited to MCU as Captain Coach in 1966. Arthur went on to coach MCU from 1966 to 1970,  winning the 1966 & 1967 premierships, finishing runner up in 1969, as well as making the preliminary final in 1968 & 1970. Widely regarded as an astute coach, somme on his coaching methods were unusual to say the least. He allegedly flew for a ruck contest during the early stages of one game & punched one of his own players to fire him up. The said player did fire up & went on to kick five goals for the game. It also paid not to make false reasons for not training or turning up to training late. Two such players who were caught out were made to run laps while Arthur drive behind them in his car threatening to run them over if they stopped.

As a player Arthur played mainly as a centre-half forward or full forward with the odd run in the centre. His high marking was a feature of his game. In fact, in one particular game against Wagga Tigers, a sports writer described his marking as "some of the best seen at Robertson Oval." He represented the Farrer League in 1967 (captain coach) 1968, 1968 & 1970. He also played for a composite Riverina team made up of local Australian Rules & Rugby League players against a touring Irish Gaelic football championship team County Kerry. Although beaten he said, " they were far from disgraced and the Irish knew that hey had played a game."

Arthur returned to MCU in 1974 (from retirement) to Captain Coach the Reserves to a premiership. He also played in the seniors drawn grand final following the reserves win, & the decider in the following week, which MCU lost. He continued to play in 1975 & retired at the end of the season.


Stephen Cole

Stephen played his first game for MCU as a 16 year old in 1977. He went on to play 280 games for the club until he left to pursue a coaching career in 1993. During his time with the club he forged a reputation as a high flying forward who played as a full forward/centre half forward/half forward flanker. His high marking ability, pace & tremendous stamina made him a versatile player who could & quite often would move into the midfield when required. In fact, his preferred playing position ws in the centre. Stephen trialled with VFL club Essendon during the 1985 pre season but missed the cut. He returned to MCU in stellar form. He fielded many offers to move to rival clubs in & outside the area, but he remained loyal to MCU. He went onto play 11 senior grand finals winning 4, won 3 best & fairest, was leading goal kicker on 7 occasions, represented the Farrer League from 1981-1991 (including captain 1990 & 1991), played 6 games for NSW in 1985/86. He also coached the under 18 team to 3 premierships.

Stephen remembers fondly his time at MCU. He made & still has many friends in what was a successful era for the MCU club. He believes it was a honour to have played for MCU & still follows the clubs progress closely.


Allan Klimpsch

Played in the 1956-57 premierships. He was a top centre halfback & was named in the best Mangoplah team prior to amalgamation. An excellent pair of hands & an outstanding mark.


David Maher

Started playing football with MCU in 1961. During my time with Mango I played in six grand finals & we won five of them.

I played under some great coaches during my time - Bill Barton, Frank Slater, Arthur Cole, Graeme Jewell & Graham Ion.

Was invited to Tasmania to see what I thought in 1966 but returned to play with Mango. I won't the Baz Medal in the year 1966. Won the clubs Best & Fairest five times during my time. Then in July 1973 I had an accident playing footy, one of my kidneys were shattered. Once recovered decided to give the game as a player away as at that time I had a young family to think of.

I still stayed involved with club, I coached the under 13 & 16 teams.

Then coached the under 18 to win 2 premierships.


Oliver Mohr

Played in the 1956-57 premierships. Was selected in the best Mangoplah team of all time. He played over 500 games for Mangoplah & Mangoplah Cookardinia United. His playing position was ruck rover. He was captain coach of the second grade for many years & was head trainer for a considerable time.


Colin Roberson

Colin played all his senior football with MCU (Goannas) starting in 1961 at the age of 16, winning most improved in that year, until retirement in 1981, played over 450 games. He played in thirteen Grand Finals, 5 of these premierships, 1965-66-65-71 & 72. Colin also represented the Farrer League on 14 occasions, winning the interleave best on ground in 1967. MCU club best & fairest wins were in 1965, 1973 & 1976 & he was leading goal kicker in 1963. Colin believes he owes his success with the club in part to his team mates namely Ian & Max Stanbrook with whom he formed a formidable roving trio & lasting friendship. Highlights of Colin's career were playing in Grand Finals, representing the League & most of all the friendships gained in those years that remain strong today.


John Ross

My first game was in May 1958 & I continued playing 2nd Grade in 1959 as we had a very strong 1st Grade side. I was the winner of the Best & Fairest in that Grade, that year. I started playing 1st Grade in 1960 & was the winner of the Best & Fairest for the nest 3 years 1960, 61  & 62. In 1962, I won the Daily Advertiser "Footballer of the Year" & runner-up in the 2WG "Three League Star Award"

I was asked to pre-season training by Hawthorn Club in 1963, but unfortunately, never took the chance to go. I also had an offer to train with Footscray that year.

After several lean years with MCU, we won the League Premiership in 1965 & this was the first of five Premiership team I played in, as well as two drawn Grand Finals.

I also played in two Grand Finals in which we were unsuccessful. This was in a 10 year period.

I also won the Best & Fairest Awards in 1967, 1969 & 1974.

In 1976 & 77, I coached the under 16s & finished playing for MCU. In 1977, following this time, I was Club President for Six Years.


Ian Sanbrook

Ian's career with the Goannas spanned seventeen seasons, between 1961 & 1978. He was awarded MCUs most improved player in the seniors in 1962 at the age of 17. Ten years later he was the clubs Best & Fairest player in a Premiership Year.

His Premierships totalled five 1965, 66, 67, 71 & 72, after making 10 Grand Final appearances which included two draws & three loses. Known as "Tommy" to his team mates, he combined with his brother Max & close friend Colin Roberson to form one of the most lethal roving combinations in the Farrer League.


Graeme Killalea

Graeme Killalea started his playing career with MCU in 1966 aged 16 with Arthur Cole a former Tasmanian State Rep as the coach. Graeme played his earliest games on a half back flank alongside Frank Slater, who was a former Richmond player and was the coach in 1965. When playing in the grand final that year, 1966, Frank Slater who was centre half back told Graeme to follow him as he would bust the packs and for Graeme to pick the ball up and kick it down the ground to his teammates.

Represented the Farrer League on numerous occasions and was a member of Tim Robb's Farrer team which defeated the South West Football League at Yerong Creek and was also a member of the first Farrer League team to represent this area in an interleave game against the Sydney Football League at Trumper Park Sydney.

Was invited to train at Hawthorn Football Club at Glenferrie Oval for a preseason in 1968. While training there he met Graham Jewell who was also at training and later became the coach of MCU in 1971. When training with Hawthorn, the coach John Kennedy stipulated that all players had to do 10 laps before joining training.

Finished his career by coaching and playing for 2 years in Reserves and took them to two grand finals, winning in 1984 and losing in 1958.

Retired after twenty years of playing football in 1986 and playing about 400 games and was fortunate to never sustain any serious injuries while playing.

In the 20 years of his football career, he only miss playing finals footy once in that time.

Quote from Graeme "Football gave tremendous enjoyment and satisfaction to me personally in my football career and made me realise that successful teams only come about when all players commit to themselves to achieving a common goal eg playing in the finals then winning Premierships. Train hard, play hard and win the hard games, the rest is easy."


Tracy Schulz-Cole

Tracy has been a passionate and dedicated player at MCUE for many years, with a career that started in 1994. She won MCUE Club Best and Fairest 12 times, league A Grade best and fairest 3 times, league A Grade best and fairest Runner Up 3 times and has played in 4 A grade grand finals. Of those 4 grand final appearances, she was captain in 3 successful wins in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

In 2018 Tracy was recognised for playing 400 senior netball games (all A grade) for MCUE. With Tracy's achievements and outstanding contribution to MCUE over many years, she was inducted into the MCUE Hall of Fame and was awarded Life Membership in 2018.

Tracy has been an integral part of the MCUE culture and has been involved in all aspects of club life including umpiring, coaching and volunteering over many years.

Personal highlights in her career include winning 3 A Grade grand finals in a row, playing 3 years in A Grade with Her daughter Mikaela, and the countless many special friendships she has made over the years both on and off the court.


Danny Galvin_edited.jpg

Our 2021 inductee, Dan first came to Mangoplah in 1984 from East Wagga Kooringal spending 13 seasons in the blue and gold, playing over 200 senior games and coaching first grade in 1996. It is no coincidence that during those 13 seasons Dan played in 10 Grand Finals winning 5 premierships, in 1985, 1988, 1989, 1990 & 1993 (where he was awarded the Best on Ground Medal). Dan claimed a Club Best & Fairest in 1985 and was runner up in 1994, 1995 & 1996 indicating how consistent a player he was.

Dan was known as a ‘hard as nails’ onballer who did not shirk the contest. He was a player that his team-mates loved playing with and opposition players loathed playing against. Many of his team-mates speak of walking taller on the field when Dan was by their side.  He was also the creator and driving force behind our club song, ‘Up from the Creek’.


Life Members

Billy Lloyd

WJ 'Wattie' Lloyd

Oliver Mohr

Harold Dew

Lyle Brown

Harry Mohr

Albert 'Bert' Parker

Faye Mohr

Eric Langfield

Colin Roberson

Jim Parnell

Graeme Killalea

Rita Post

Val Post

Wally Mohr

Darren Cole

Trevor Smith

David Maher

Phil Davis

David Foster

Tracy Schulz-Cole

Barbara Parnell

David Griffin

Cherrie Kendall

Noreen Tuckwell

Austin McRae

Michael Bailey

Peter Mohr

Mark Barclay

Jack Lloyd

Andrew Griffin

Phil Collins

Winston Dew

Jim Roberson

John Ross

Marie Collins


Goanna of the Year

1988 - John Schultz

2002 - Lyn Creasy

2013 - Anna Davis & Michael Bailey

1989 - Viviann Sanbrook

2003 - John Wilson

2014 - Trent Cohalan

1990 - Marty Heffernan

2004 - The Short Family

2015 - Ed Molloy

1991 - Viviann Sanbrook

2005 - Don Heydon

2016 - Scott & Nicole Breust

1992 - Chris Maher

2006 - Roger Gillies

2017 - Andrew Griffin

1993 - Chris Jones

2007 - Tony Balding

2018 - Peter & Sharon McLay

1994 - Wade Jones

2008 - Don Heydon

2019 - Peter Carey

1995 - Ruth Galvin

2009 - Austin McRae

2020 - Ben Jones

1996 - Faye Mohr

2010 - Mark Barclay

2021 - Nicole Lawrence

1997 - Brian McRae

2011 - Katrina Barclay

2022 -Nick McRae & Jemma Yates

2000 - Jeanette McCormack

2012 - Don Heydon

2023 -Jeremy Rowe 

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